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Stephanie is one of the patient of HHCC giving a testimonial how she overcame her wrongfully treated problem related to her ovary and menstrual period pain, in HHCC 2015.

One of the HHCC patients by the name of Stephanie (not her real name), in her early 40’s had an ovary problem and was constantly in pain almost every day in her menstrual period. Taking pain killers became a norm to her, and her life encountering frequent pain was extremely tough.

The first time I met her, she was pale and very low in spirits.  She started to tell me her problems. Back about a year ago, she went to see an acupuncturist to treat her irregular and painful menstrual period. She had problems of such menstrual pain for many years, even when she was a teen-ager. It became more and more serious, and that was why her friends told her and recommended her to see an acupuncturist.

The acupuncturist is well known and claims to be able to help her  with similar problems. She received numerous treatments but it was very unfortunate that her pain was not reduced but it became worse. Almost every day she encountered menstrual pain rather than just a monthly matter. She went to seek western treatment, but doctors told her that her condition was incurable.

She did not give up and went to Shanghai, China for help. In China  doctors told her she needed frequent treatments to restore her problem. She was further informed that the previous acupuncturist had accidentally blocked her energy point hindering Qi to flow properly, and blood was flowing in an opposite direction.  Yet she committed to undertake the treatment from the hospital in Shanghai, China. She flew to Shanghai on a weekly basis, and it made her fund exhausted after 2 months, but her problem was not overcome.

I started to treat her problem by opening her vital energy points and transmitted some Qi to her, followed by teaching her Qi Gong exercises that were good for her ovary. After two weeks of Qi Gong healing she looked better and she claimed that the pain became less severe. The interesting action during her Qi Gong treatments was that she would go to a wall and start banging her back onto the wall.  After every session of Qi Gong healing, she always came out with a big smile and she felt happier.

After about 7 months of treatments she is totally recovered, not only she no longer has daily pain but her menstrual monthly period is back to normal. In her own way she gives a testimonial of tears (out of joy) she expresses how grateful she is to HHCC and  the art of Shaolin Wahnam Qi Gong healing. One of her statements in her own words expresses that no one can appreciate the pain that she has to bear, only those who have tasted it will know.  It is unbearable how relieved I am to be able to get rid of such pain.

Dr Foong Tuck Meng Article No.5

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