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One of the patient of HHCC giving a testimonial how she overcame a more than 15 years depression, ever since she was 13 year- old, in the HHCC centre, 2018.

Genuine Qi Gong is a holistic approach, not only it treats a person’s physical illness but improves his/her emotional and mental health. If a person has emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia or seizure, these symptoms are not diseases or illness.  

According to the Traditional Chinese Medical perspective it is just Yin Yang disharmony of a person. The energy within the person’s one or more of his five vital organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney) are not in yin yang harmony. If we could restore the energy or Qi to the appropriate organs then yin yang harmony is restored, the person would be back to normal and will be in a better emotional state of mind.

Genuine Qi Gong provides the best Traditional Chinese Medical treatment method to help a person restore Qi or energy within its five vital organs. During Qi Gong healing treatment the person will receive Qi naturally from the cosmos or through the master’s transmission. Qi or energy will flow like water and it will fill up the lowest point gradually to the highest point.  In many cases our Cosmos Qi Gong works wonders, like miracles where a patient may be diagnosed with years of depression could be overcome in just over a week or two under Qi Gong healing treatment. 

Here we have Miss Kong (not her real name) diagnosed with depression more than 15 years.  In her video testimony she becomes a cheerful person after just a few sessions of Qi Gong healing treatment in HHCC.  Please refer to the video.  

In Qi Gong healing a patient is not only receiving Qi from the master but is also tapping energy or Qi from the cosmos during his Qi Gong sessions. While the patient is receiving Qi or energy from the cosmos, his or her negative energy due to bad emotions will also be cleansed out. The negative emotional energy such as fear, sadness, worries, anger, hatred, etc. will be released through crying , screaming, shouting, laughing or whatever voluntary body movement generated by the Qi flow.

Many medical doctors, scientists, or Traditional Chinese Medical practitioners know that most of the sickness is initiated from stress. It is stress that actually creates emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and seizure. Once such emotional problems are developed within a person, the person will be stressed up. This hazardous stress could lead to sickness such as the so-called “incurable diseases”. 

Many people want to seek medical treatment of their sickness.  Medical professionals, such as doctors, physiologists, TCM practitioners etc. will prescribe medicine for the patients. On top of the medicine the professional medical care personnel’s often advise the patients not to stress themselves or to relax and take it easy in order to improve their health. The advice given is very true if the patients could relax or not stress themselves, the patients should recover.  But most of the time when the patients return home, they really try to follow such professional advice to relax and not to be stressed.  Patients do not have appropriate means or methods not to be stressed. The harder they try they become more stressful. 

The best method is to undergo genuine Qi Gong healing.  It is a simple and easy way to help a person to relax.  But I must elaborate it has to be genuine Qi Gong; gentle physical exercise will not be able to achieve expected good results.

In Qi Gong healing the very initial healing stage is to address emotional problems. When a person enjoys harmonious Qi flow under Qi Gong healing, as a matter of course the patient will be able to overcome so called “incurable diseases” and restore good health.

Dr Foong Tuck Meng Article No.4

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