Our Chief Instructor

Sifu Dr. Foong Tuck Meng

Holistic Health Cultivation Centre, HHCC was established since year 2010.

HHCC was founded by Sifu Dr Foong Tuck Meng, inner chamber disciple of the Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit of Shaolin Wahnam institute. Grandmaster Wong was awarded the  “Qi Gong master of the year “ in 1997 by his peer due to his remarkable results in helping many people overcoming cancer.

The core activities of the HHCC centre is to provide genuine Qi Gong healing to help  people, overcoming sickness , attain good health, full of vitality and gain longevity . Genuine Qi Gong has the ability to help a person to cultivate three important aspects of health that’s physically, emotionally and mentally (spiritually).

In HHCC we provide genuine Qi Gong healing to normal people and patients respectively.  We offer a one year money back guarantee program. Within one year, a person should not be sick. On the other hand if a patient is sick or diagnosed with so called “incurable diseases” he or she should overcome the sickness within the one year period. HHCC has helped thousands of people overcome the so called “incurable diseases” from all over the world.

For futher information , please contact sifu at 012 606 6028 or Email to drfoong@holistic.com.my

sparrow tail
Cosmos palm
Dragon circulating flow
Deer play
Double dragons
Double dragons
Bird Play
Lifting The Sky
Three circle stance

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