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Genuine Qi Gong is holistic and it can be used to treat health problems where the patient themselves are not aware of what actually caused the problem.

Mr Teoh is in his mid forties, He was concerned that this left eye was constantly blinking, after an initial examination he was diagnosed with a nerve problem around his left eye. At first Mr Teoh thought the problem would quickly resolve itself without the need for medical treatment. However, one day his friends told him that his left eye had become noticeably smaller when compared to with his right eye. This new development greatly concerned Mr Teoh and he arranged for an appointment to see a Medical Specialist.

Mr Teoh attended the HHCC for treatment in 2018, he presented with an uncontrollable muscular spasm causing his left eye to twitch and blink continually.

After examining his eye the Medical Specialist stated that the condition would require surgery to resolve the uncontrolled muscular spasm. The Specialist informed Mr Teoh that if he did decide to undergo surgery, that there was no guarantee of a successful outcome, however he was unable to suggest a noninvasive alternative treatment to resolve the problem. Mr Teoh asked about Chinese medicine treatments, but the TCM physician told him that using herbal medicine would not cure his problem; however as an alternative the TCM physician eventually suggested that he might try acupuncture treatment.

Acting on the physician’s advice Mr Teoh arranged for a course of acupuncture treatment and after almost one year of undergoing acupuncture therapy his eye problem remained unresolved. The patient then consulted an eye specialist for advice. The specialist told him that if he did not undergo surgery there was a possibility that he would go blind in his left eye.

At this stage, a now very distressed Mr Teoh presented at the HHCC centre seeking advice on how Qi Gong healing treatment could resolve his health problems.

During Mr Teoh’s first visit to the HHCC I immediately observed that in addition to his left eye problem, the patient had several other health issues. The most obvious symptom was that his body was slanting over towards his left side. When he was explaining his eye problem to me in detail, I asked him whether he could feel any numbness in his left arm, shoulder, and in towards his chest. He was amazed that I should ask him this; however he confirmed he had suffered with just such a problem for several years. As a Qi Gong master, I have the ability to see Qi blockage in a person and it is obvious to me that there was a Qi blockage in the left side of his body, including the area around his left eye.

I started to treat him by opening his vital energy points and transmit Qi to him and a gentle amount to his left eye. Sending Qi to a patient’s eyes is a very delicate art, due to the sensitivity of eyes, therefore it should not be performed by practitioners, or even masters who do not have the appropriate skill. By sending Qi to his eye, it would enable better Qi flow to his eye and so expedite recovery.

Mr Teoh carried on with his Qi Gong healing for about 2-3 months, during the process he informed me that his involuntarily eyes blinking had become much less frequent and that his left eye was now almost back to same size as his right eye. He confided to me that the numbness he had been experiencing in his left shoulder and chest has also disappeared. One health issue he had not told me was that he had actually had a hemorrhoids problem for years, but now that too had gone and he no longer needed to take medicine.

To show his appreciation for his recovery, Mr Teoh has agreed to share the photographs of his face before and after 2-3 months of qi gong healing, it is immediately apparent that his left and right eyes are now in better balance in terms of size and that his whole face looks more relaxed. A famous Chinese saying describes the health of a person as showing on his/her face. The literal translation is “Look of a face is originated through the spiritual heart”. In another words no one can hide their sickness, it will show on their face.

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