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Today there are a few hundred types of Qi Gong all over the world. Many people may claim that the Qi Gong they practice is the best.aa33ac9e-1944-4800-ac4b-8d0c4fca8b68 Some even claim that their Qi Gong could help to heal diseases. Unfortunately many of these arts are just gentle physical exercise, and it does not develop internal force. Many of the so called Qi Gong practitioners or even masters are on medication.
Grandmaster Wong and Dr. Foong conducting a Qi Gong seminar in HHCC, August 2018

Genuine Qi Gong is very rare, the major reason was that genuine masters in the past passed down the art, which was a heavily guarded secret, to only one or a few of their selected disciples. We are very fortunate that Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit, the founder of Shaolin Wahnam Institute, has started to teach genuine Qi Gong to the public. He received the award as “Qi Gong master of the year” in 1997, elected by his peers who were also Qi Gong masters for his remarkable achievement to help many people overcome cancer. He has taught Qi Gong over 35 countries and have more than 86,000 students worldwide.

I am very fortunate to be one of his inner chamber disciples and I am also inspired by him to set up a Genuine Qi Gong healing hospital, the Holistic Health Cultivation Center (HHCC), in Kuala Lumpur since the year 2010. When performing genuine Qi Gong it should have good harmonious Qi flow during the practice and it will enhance your health physically, emotionally and mentally.

If an art does not overcome sickness or improve health, it should not be called Qi Gong. Undergoing genuine Qi Gong healing will overcome any illness, especially so called “incurable diseases”. In HHCC we provide genuine Qi Gong healing to normal people and patients respectively. We offer a one year money-back guarantee program. Within one year, a person should not be sick. On the other hand if a patient is sick or diagnosed with a so-called “incurable disease” he or she should overcome the sickness within the one year period.

Dr Foong Tuck Meng

●   High Cholesterol高胆固醇 ●   High Blood Pressure / Hypertension高血压 ●   Diabetes 糖尿病
●   Cancer 癌症 ●   Kidney Problems肾病 ●   Liver Problems 肝脏问题
●   Heart Disease 心脏病 ●   Gastric胃病 ●   Ulcers溃疡
●   Rheumatism 风湿病 ●   Asthma哮喘 ●   Eczema 湿疹
●   Firming紧实肌肤 ●   Anti-Wrinkles抗老防皱 ●   Sagging皮肤松弛
●   Depression 抑郁症 ●   Insomnia失眠 ●   Allergies过敏
●   Vertigo眩晕 ●   Ringing Ear 耳鸣 ●   Parkinson帕金森
●   Anxiety焦虑症 ●   Seizure癫痫症 ●   Neck & Back Pain颈部和背部疼痛
●   Frozen Shoulder 五十肩 ●   Knee Pain膝盖疼痛 ●   Hormone Imbalance荷尔蒙失调
●   Menopause更年期 ●   Migraine偏头痛 ●   Prostate前列腺
●   Impotence 阳痿 ●   Thyroid甲状腺 ●   Auto Immune Disease  自体免疫疾病
●   Tiredness疲倦 ●   Weight Loss 瘦身 ●   Viral Infection / Strengthen Immune system 病毒感染/增强免疫力


Dr Foong Tuck Meng.      Article No. 2

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