Can we undergo Genuine Qi Gong healing, by reading books, watching video or interactive video teaching?

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Sifu Dr Foong is transmitting Qi to a baby boy during one of the Qi Gong healing session in the HHCC centre, 2016.

Genuine Qi Gong Healing is taught through “Heart to Heart” transmission. Qi Gong is an art of energy.  Like many other arts, Qi Gong Healing requires proper guidance and correct practice from a master. 

High level genuine Qi Gong helps to cultivate the three vital aspects of ourselves, the Body (physical) , the Mind (emotional) and the Soul (spiritual).  Learning Qi Gong for the first time is always good to have a master present in the teaching.

Should we learn genuine Qi Gong through the internet or a video? The answer is yes and no.  In the case of a beginner who wishes to learn genuine Qi Gong he should learn it directly from a master face to face. This is due to the fact that the fundamental basis of Qi Gong is transmitted “heart to heart” from a master to a student. In some cases a student may need his/her vital energy points to be opened and receive Qi form the master. 

On the other hand genuine high-level Qi Gong involves the mind aspect, so it is important that the techniques and skills are properly transferred to the student. However in the case where a student has already acquired the necessary basic techniques and skills from his previous Qi Gong learning, then he or she may refer to the internet, videos or teleconference videos for further learning.

Please bear in mind that any videos and books are good for reference only; they should not be treated as a master. A master is to determine any mistake or any fine points needed to be addressed during a learning session. Interactive internet video teaching has some interactions between a master and a student but then the “ heart to heart” transmission is not ideal. For example, no matter how delicious an apple may be, we try to describe it by showing and demonstrating over a video but it is still better if we could bring the apple to the person to try it.

In Qi Gong Healing it is different.  Ideally we should have a master present during healing sessions, otherwise the healing treatments may be compromised.  But having said this, there are exceptional cases where a great master/healer can transmit Qi to heal someone far apart. Such situations have been performed and proven by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit (my Sifu). I have also performed such distance healing and it is effective. 

Distance healing is draining Qi or energy of the master himself. Very few masters are willing to perform such distance healings unless they are special situations. Nothing is better than face to face healing under a master.   To understand why it is so, we should first understand and differentiate between learning/practicing Qi Gong and undergoing Qi Gong Healing treatment.

In learning/practicing Qi Gong, the practitioner is learning the techniques and improves his skills through diligent and correct practices. But in the case of Qi Gong Healing, patients do not have to worry about both the techniques and the skills. The master will help them to improve these two elements during the healing sessions. The patients will improve without themselves knowing and at the same time helping themselves to overcome the sickness.

In the Holistic Health Cultivation Center (HHCC), we have helped thousands of people overcome so-called “incurable disease”. 

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