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Introductory or try-out 4 Days Qi Gong healing course

The introductory healing course is catered for those who wish to learn and practice Qi Gong to overcome some minor diseases or for those who wish to know and experience Qi Gong healing before taking up a Qi Gong healing program in HHCC Kuala Lumpur.

The introductory Qi Gong healing class is with the element of healing. During the course, the healer may or may not need to help student individually with opening energy point and Qi transmission.

In the course, student will get the healerís individual attention, hence it is only limited to 30 students in a class. After completion of the course he or she will be able to practise at home. However, for serious diseases it is advisable to continue with healing program at HHCC, Kuala Lumpur to ensure full recovery.

This is a four days course, one three hours session in the morning and one three hours session in the evening. The class will only start with minimum 15 students.

Time Table

Day 1: Arrival

Day 2:
Introduction of Qi Gong. The theory and history about Qi Gong. Qi Gong training and practice


Qi Gong training and practice

Day 3:
Qi Gong training and practice


Qi Gong training and practice

6.30pm Graduation Dinner

Day 4: Depature

Instructor/Healer: Sifu Dr Foong Tuck Meng (President of HHCC, 012-6066028)

Duration: 4 Days

Venue : Holistic Health Cultivation Center, HHCC, Kuala Lumpur

Syllabus:Theory, history and fundamental of Qi Gong

Exercise:Lifting The Sky, Pushing Mountains, Carrying The Moon, Dancing fairy, Bear Walk, Separating Water, etc. Open Point and Qi transmission (as and when necessary) Qi Flow Ensure student practice correctly and effectively. Interact and monitor student progress.

Healing:Opening energy points, Qi transmission, cleansing, nourishing and building.


  • To have a basic understanding of the meaning and scope of Qi Gong.
  • To acquire within a reasonable time the best available Qi Gong skills and techniques which a student can competently practise on his/her own after the course, for health, vitality, mental freshness, overcome some diseases and gain some inner peace.
  • To have a basic understanding of Qi Gong.
  • To learn and be able to practise competently some useful Qi Gong exercises for health, vitality and longevity.
  • To have an experience of energy flow.
Course Content:
  • Some relaxation.
  • Unity of form, energy and mind.
  • Dynamic Qi Gong patterns.
  • Self-manifested Qi movement.
Expected Result (Attending the course itself)
  • Feel relaxed and fresh.
  • Experience some Qi effects, like warmth over the body, tingling sensations at the fingers or other parts of the body, and ants crawling over his/her skin.
  • If a student has some internal injury, which he (or she) may not be aware, he may feel slight pain at the site of the injury.
  • This is a sign that his/her Qi Gong practice is curing his injury, such as clearing internal energy blockage.
  • Feel confident that if he (or she) continues his practice at home, Qi Gong will overcome his degenerative or chronic illness if he has any, or to promote good health and vitality if he is not troubled by any illness.
  • Experience an increase of energy level.
  • Usually be amazed at what course with a Qi Gong Healer or Instructor can bring to him (or her
  • For those who are diagnosed with incurable diseases it is best and recommended to go to HHCC, Kuala Lumpur to attend full guarantee recovery otherwise money back program.
Course Fee: ( USD 550 or RM2,000 PER STUDENT )

Course fee is payable in full upon acceptance or first lesson of the course. The course fee is non-refundable. However, If any course participant is not satisfied that the set objectives have not been fulfilled, he or she can ask for a full refund and it will be refunded without question. But this must be done before the end of the course. Once the course is over, it is deem that all those who have completed the course are satisfied, and no refund will be given after that.


Please click here for online application or
download the application form here , complete the form and email to drfoong@holistic.com.my, fax or hand deliver back to the Instructor /Healer

It is very important to note that the above Qi Gong course is strictly not suitable for AIDS patient to attend for the best interest of other student. AIDS patient is recommended to request for special healing course from HHCC.

For those who wanted to get cure with assured results or otherwise money back guarantee is recommended to go for Qi Gong healing session in HHCC, Kuala Lumpur. It is very important to note that the Qi Gong course is strictly not suitable for AIDS patient to attend

Sifu Dr Foong Tuck Meng
Sifu Dr Foong is a qualified instructor and healer of Shaolin Wahnam Institute. Sifu Dr Foong is a very successful businessman...
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