About Holistic
Holistic Health Cultivation Center has done lots of miracles in helping people overcame the so called incurable diseases within less than a year. We use the most natural way (Qi Gong) to help overcome the diseases with satisfactory recovery, otherwise money back guaranteed. We also provide regular Qi Gong classes for those who wish to maintain good health. Operate 12 hours daily, 365 days yearly.

About Holistic
Holistic Health Cultivation Center, HHCC is a center for healing using genuine Shaolin Qi Gong. HHCC, provides unique and exclusive Qi Gong healing services for people to overcome the so called incurable diseases. Our Shaolin Wahnam Qi Gong has been refined and the essence of the Shaolin Qi Gong being carefully extracted with the purpose for healing by our Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. The Shaolin Wahnam Qi Gong healing methodology has been continuously improved, tested and proven over the past 50 years by Grandmaster Wong. Today it has made the Shaolin Wahnam Qi Gong the "Amazing One" and we are proud to pride ourselves to be the only Qi Gong healing school to offer a guarantee recovery healing program.

Shaolin Wahnam Qi Gong is one of the most cost effective and efficient Qi Gong available in the world today. Students need to practice only about 10-15 minutes per-session and up to 2 sessions per day depending on the needs.

Qi Gong helps people to overcome diseases and restore good health, not only physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The Qi Gong healing is a relatively short and inexpensive investment for the long term good health to be enjoyed by an individual for his or her entire life time.

Shaolin Wahnam is internationally recognised, established in more than 35 countries world-wide. HHCC is a hub to provide Shaolin Wahnam Qi Gong healing in the Asia Pacific region. In HHCC, we have a team of dedicated resource, qualified Qi Gong healers and instructors that allow us to offer healing in the night and weekends.

Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit has recommended HHCC to be the center of healing in the Asia Pacific region as well as worldwide. HHCC is operated by qualified instructor and healer, Sifu Dr Foong Tuck Meng , the founder and president of HHCC

Facilities in Holistic Health Cultivation Center
The HHCC occupied a 5 story building and a sky garden specifically designed and built for Qi Gong healing purposes. The 3rd floor of the building is reserved for VIP, provide better privacy, comfort and relaxing environment.

Our reception and consultation is located at the 2nd Floor of the building.

HHCC function room for seminar Qi Gong courses is located at 1st floor which can cater to 50 students.

The Sky garden located on the 5th floor, planted with beautiful trees and a fish pond. Together with sun screening net to provide a cooling and harmonious atmosphere.

HHCC is located in the mid centre of Kuala Lumpur. It is about 30 minutes from KLIA airport and about 8 minutes from the city center. HHCC is situated virtually around the vicinity of the Mid Valley and Garden mall, about 5 minutes drive. There are many hotels around HHCC namely the Garden Hotel, Boulevard Hotel, Cititel Mid Valley Hotel and the nearest within walking distance is the International Pearl Point Hotel and Scott Garden service apartment.

Sifu Dr Foong Tuck Meng
Sifu Dr Foong is a qualified instructor and healer of Shaolin Wahnam Institute. Sifu Dr Foong is a very successful businessman...
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